Sports and Integration


Sport is an essential element on an emotional and social level, a multidimensional, dynamic, playful environment designed to heighten the awareness of oneself, it is an educational tool and is  often a forerunner of social changes.

Sport combines physical activity with the recreational, promotes health, longevity, physical and psychological well-being. As pointed out by the Council of the European Union, sport is a source and the engine of social inclusion and is recognized as an excellent tool for the integration of minorities and groups at risk of social exclusion.

Sport is an instrument of prevention of psychological and social problems and human formation. Sport must be regarded as a right for all. For this reason sporting organizations and societies promote sport participation processes specifically regardless of economic, cultural and social conditions of the persons.

In sport, the natural differences of origin, color, language and culture are critical to enhance and enrich the individual. In the game there are a diversity of roles and features; from the right mix comes the winning team. Team spirit promotes cohesion by valuing in a positive sense the uniqueness of each person.

Sport should ensure the inclusion and equal opportunities of sport practice. In this sense, it promotes the principle of sport citizenship on the national territory by ensuring access to membership and Championships of each discipline and level, to the persons born in Italy from foreign parents.

Sport language is universal, exceeds borders, languages, religions and ideologies and possesses the ability to bring people together, creating bridges and favoring dialogue and acceptance. We must therefore encourage, promote, and disseminate the sporting culture. In any discipline and at any level.

In sport we must refrain from any conduct likely to harm the physical and moral dignity of the opponent in sports competitions We also need to put in place initiatives to raise public awareness to the respect of athletes, teams and their supporters.