«Flambeau d’Or - in memory of Antonio Spallino»

Grenoble march 2018 – High success of participation for the attribution of the four-year high honor «Flambeau d’Or – in memory of Antonio Spallino» to Jean-Claude Killy.

The award ceremony took place on Saturday March 24th, 2018 in the beautiful hall of the “Préfecture de l’Isère” in presence of the International President, President’s Committee, International Board Members, District Presidents, many other personalities of Grenoble, Olympic athletes and various representatives of Panathlon Clubs. Panathlon Club Como attended the event with Mr. Lorenzo Spallino (Antonio Spallino’s son) who participated in the first ceremony in the memory of his father.

The meetings of the President’s Committee, the District Presidents Committee and the International Board were held in the presence of all the members of the international bodies. The work was carried out in an atmosphere of great collaboration and many  topics were covered.

The exhibition of the works belonging to the PCU Drawing Contest during the Gala dinner aroused much interest and curiosity. 

They were intensely days for all participants, for District President Bernard Thévenet, District Secretary Marie-Claire Nepi, President of the Club of Grenoble Yves Deschamps and for all the members of the club of Grenoble who worked hard for the best success of events.

Charming uphill to Chamrousse, seat of the Winter Olympic Games 1968 and of the great sporting success of Jean-Claude Killy with a descent, for someone, on a snowmobile.


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