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2 Workshop SAMF in Gent (Belgium)

On a rainy and cold morning, we called together the youth of KRSG to give some more information on Match Fixing and Safeguarding. These are two topics that are very important to the youngsters who attended, all between the ages of 12 and 14. A lot of young athletes were sick so there were about 23 of us.

The coaches were also present and parents were also invited but that only gave a meagre turnout, which was a pity. We gave them some examples from rowing where match fixing can also be done at a lower level. They were very attentive and asked quite a few questions, which is of course a good thing. They also liked the videos and watching the comic strip on their mobile phones via the QR code.

We then gave them the posters and they hung them up themselves in the club. Again, it was a successful session with a lot of interaction, because that is important, keeping interaction with the children and letting them tell stories and ask questions themselves.




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