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The exhibition at the Olympic Museum was inaugurated on March 20, 2019

Panathlon International Cultural Foundation – Domenico Chiesa

The exhibition at the Olympic Museum was inaugurated on March 20, 2019

The anthological exhibition of the International Graphic Art  Competitions was held with a simple opening ceremony in the Espace d’Art of the Olympic Museum in Lausanne. Before the International Board Members, the representatives of the Olympic Foundation for Culture and Heritage and representatives of Panathlon Club Lausanne, International President, Pierre Zappelli expressed his personal satisfaction and gratitude towards the institutions of the International Olympic Committee to be welcomed in one of the most prestigious sports museums in the world -  visited especially by youngsters.

Then the Secretary of the Foundation Mr. Maurizio Monego stepped in to illustrate the meaning and the value of the Graphic Competition carried out by the Domenico Chiesa Foundation as well as to introduce to those present the overview of the divided 5 subject matters illustrated in the drawings. 

Sports is……….Its values, NO to all forms of violence (from racism to doping and antagonism) an invitation  to consider Fair Play and sports for all.

The aforementioned issues have been collected and developed in a guide made available to visitors, who until March 29, 2019 will deal to think about thoughts for sports culture based on respect and on the educational and social perspective of the ideals of Olympism.


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