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The three-day working sessions and events that took place at the LIUC University of Castellanza as from April 4 to 6 2019, were completed.

Following the opening conference meeting dealing with , “Women’s sports” organized by Panathlon International Club La Malpensa, focused on the 2018-2019 Merit Awards assigned to student-athlete Silvia Pollicini, professional cyclist and student of the University of Castellanza,  thus followed by Panthlon International’s Committee of District Presidents,  Panathlon International’s, Extraordinary Elective CAB Assembly  alongside Panathlon International’s District Italy Ordinary General Assembly and the Assembly of Area 2 – Lombardy.

The District Presidents Assembly meeting, has benefited from the participation of all the representatives of the various countries where Panathlon International is present: for the Americas: Brazil, Chile, Mexico, Peru/Bolivia, Uruguay/Paraguay, for Europe: Austria, France, Italy, Switzerland/FL , justified absent representatives: Belgium. Ecuador and the Supranational body. After the presentation of Panathlon International’s activities, illustrated by International President and the General Secretary, were subsequently followed by the reports made by the various Presidents on the activities that are being carried out at district level. After the exchanges of views and constructive confrontations a final edition of the document was drafted, which will be submitted in the upcoming International Board Meeting. Among the various issues taken into consideration, particular focus was given to the integration of young people in the movement  and on the importance of confirming Panathlon as the world’s reserve of ethics, in the hope to carry out a strategic five-year development plan, already presented by the Peru District, on the improvement of relations among some Districts and  the National Olympic Committees.

On April 6th, 2019, in the Auditorium of the LIUC University the Panathlon International’s Extraordinary General Meeting was held, chaired by International President, Mr. Pierre Zappelli, the following members were appointed: Vice-President, Mr. Enrico Salomi, President of La Malpensa Club and Secretary, Mr. Lilvio Ungaro, President of the Trieste Muggia Club.


132 Clubs attended (physically present and by proxy) The Assembly was open with the speech given by University Chancellor, Professor Federico Visconti illustrating the activities carried out by the University. After the presentation of some candidates and brief comments, voting took place with the following outcome:

- Mr. Franco Fähndrich – Panthlon Club Lucerne (Switzerland) - 105 Votes

- Mr. Riccardo Galassi – Panathlon Club Ancona (Italy) – 77 Votes

- Mr. Goliardo Canonico – Panathlon Club Perugia (Italy) – 75 Votes

- Mr. Giovanni Brichetto – Panathlon Club Genova (Italy) – 48 Votes

- Mr. Pasquale De Palma – Panathlon Club Molfetta (Italy) – 43 Votes

- Mr. Riccardo Puzzo – Panathlon Club Siracusa (Italy) – 30 Votes

- Mr. Norberto M. Romano Alonzo – Panathlon Club Montevideo (U) – Votes 29 

Thus elected are: effective members: Mr. Franco Fähndrich, Mr. Riccardo Galassi, Mr. Goliardo Canonico and substitute members, Mr. Giovanni Brichetto and Mr. Pasquale De Palma.

We wish to thank all the candidates for their contribution

Thanks are also due to the Verifying Credentials Committee and effective members: Mr. Enrico Stochetti, President Panathlon Club Varese, Mr. Andrea Da Roit, President Panathlon Club Florence and Ms. Eugenia Maccorsini member of the La Malpensa Club that with their high-standing commitment and cooperation have essentially assisted the carrying out of accreditations.

To follow the District Italy General Assembly took place which established the approval of all the proposals unanimously.

In addition to what aforementioned Panathlon Club La Malpensa organized an evocative and inspiring mediaeval dinner with jugglers and dancers held at the Manor of San Magno in Legnano. A heartfelt thanks goes to all the members of the Club La Malpensa, its President, Mr. Enrico Salomi and to Mr. Sergio Allegrini who personally invested his time for the successful outcome of the events.  



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