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PCU Student Chess Cup 2023: Celebrating Fair Play and Chess Excellence with a Multitude of Participants in Antwerp

PCU Student Chess Cup 2023: Celebrating Fair Play and Chess Excellence with a Multitude of Participants in Antwerp 

PCU Student Chess Cup 2023 started with AP Blitz Tournament on Friday, November 24. 

- Global Participation 

The PCU Chess Cup has garnered an impressive participation with 113 accredited players, representing 31 universities spanning across 15 countries (Belgium, Czech Republic, Finland, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Moldova, Morocco, Spain, Switzerland, The Netherlands, Turkey, UK). 

In a testament to their passion for the game, a substantial majority of participants in the PCU Chess Cup actively chose to engage in the AP Blitz tournament, despite its optional status and not being a mandatory component of the official competition 

A total of 89 students, representing 25 universities spanning across 12 countries, showcased their prowess in 9 intense rounds of Blitz chess on Friday, November 24. 

Following the Official Opening Ceremony on Saturday, November 25, the main competition started in the Swiss System unfolding on 56 tables. 

In total, on 25-26 November 2023, in 9 rounds of the PCU Chess Cup, 495 games were played by 113 chess players. 

- Champions Emerge: High-Level Play Rewarded 

Celebrating Chess Diversity the PCU Chess Cup, with its blend of FIDE and non-FIDE participants, celebrates the essence of chess – a game that transcends titles and embraces the beauty of diverse playing styles. 

The players, ascended to victory, demonstrated a amazingly high level of play, making the tournament a true showcase of chess excellence. The unpredictability of chess unfolded with unexpected results, injecting an extra layer of excitement into the tournament. Some players’ performance surpassed their federation ratings, indicating a level of play that exceeded the numerical assessments. 

Congratulations to the champions of AP Blitz Tournament: 

1st Place - Aras Vardanyan (Vilnius University, Lithuania)

2nd Place - Daniel Grimm (Eötvös Loránd University, Hungary) 

3rd Place - William Boudry (Artevelde University of Applied Sciences, Belgium) 

Congratulations to the PCU Student Chess Cup 2023 Champions: 

1st Place - Daniel Grimm (Eötvös Loránd University, Hungary)

2nd Place - Natan Pirard (KU Leuven, Belgium)                          

3rd Place - Aras Vardanyan (Vilnius University, Lithuania) 

It's commendable that Daniel Grimm's victory in the tournament is perceived as well-deserved, especially considering the strategic decision not to opt for a quick draw early on. This choice, coupled with strong play throughout, reflects a commitment to genuine competition. 

The Full Results and Final Ranking are available on the website: https://pcucommittee.com/chess/#toggle-id-3 

- Emphasis on Fair Play 

In a remarkable collaboration with the Royal Belgian Chess Federation, AP University of Applied Sciences and Arts played host to the PCU Student Chess Cup 2023. The tournament not only glorified chess brilliance but also laid a strong emphasis on fair play and universal friendship. 

In a celebration of sportsmanship and friendship, the University of Konstanz team, participating in the PCU Chess Cup 2023, has been awarded the prestigious Fair Play Award. This recognition is a testament to their outstanding fair play behavior, as acknowledged by the Referees, Organizing Committee and the event staff. 

The team's commitment to fair play went beyond the chessboard, resonating through their interactions with fellow teams. Referees and organizers noted positive attitude of the players, graciousness in victory and defeat, and adherence to the principles of fair play throughout the tournament. 

The Fair Play Award is not merely a recognition of victories on the chessboard but a testament to the dedication to the principles of integrity, respect, and equity. 

The commendable Fair Play behavior of players from two other teams, the University of Essex and the University of Munster, was also recognized and rewarded. 

Our gratitude and congratulations to the Fair Play champions of the PCU Chess Cup 2023! 

Here's to celebrating the chess community's commitment to honorable competition and congratulating all teams involved for embodying the true essence of sportsmanship at the PCU Chess Cup! 


Alina Baranova

General Manager Communication 

The Committee of Panathlon Clubs of Universities





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