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Designated by the selection committee

Here are the six finalists of the Bancarella Sport 2020  

Now the "Grand jury" will designate the winner and then the proclamation in Pontremoli  

If sport was blocked by the coronavirus the same did not happen for the selection committee of the 57th Bancarella Sport Award which met remotely. There were about forty participating works to examine, from which to choose the six finalists. 

Six varied finalists have been chosen as usual. 

The Commission of Choice, composed of President Paolo Francia, Massimo Arcidiacono, Giuseppe Benelli, Giovanni Bruno, Danilo Di Tommaso, Luigi Ferraiolo, Ignazio Landi, Roberto Lazzarelli, Paolo Liguori, Angelo Panassi, Giacomo Santini, Giovanni Tarantola, Ivan Zazzaroni, has been able to express particular appreciation for the following books: 

• GIOANNBRERAFUCARLO. GIANNI BRERA, SECONDO ME, written by Andrea Maietti, edited by Bolis Edizioni;

• IL TENNIS L’HA INVENTATO IL DIAVOLO, written by Adriano Panatta with Daniele Azzolini, edited by  Sperling & Kupfer; 

• LA PARTITA, written by Piero Trellini, edited by Mondadori;


• RICKY ALBERTOSI. ROMANZO POPOLARE DI UN PORTIERE, written by Collettivo Soriano, curated by Massimiliano Castellani, edited by Urbone Publishing;

• VOLEVO SOLO NUOTARE (200.000 BRACCIATE CON RACHELE BRUNI), written by Luca Farinotti, edited by Artingenio. 

The chosen ones will now move on to the final stage and will be sent to the "Great Jury". The votes of the independent booksellers belonging to the two organizing Associations of the Bancarella Awards, combined with those of the voters designated by the Panathlon District Italy and the usual personalities of the sports world and journalism, will come via secret electronic card, to the Notary of the Prize, Dr. Sara Rivieri who will decide in public session the absolute Winner.

On the same day, the journalism prize "Bruno Raschi" will be awarded to Beppe Conti.

The "Bruno Raschi" award, established in memory and homage to "the Divine", is awarded every year, since 2005, to a journalist who in his career has marked, innovated, reread, the way of doing sports news. Beppe Conti, born in Turin, was and is the signature of cycling. For his background as a journalist of the Gazzetta dello Sport and Tuttosport and his passion for cycling, he is counted among the most experienced storytellers of the tiring and wonderful feats on two wheels.

He has participated as a commentator on television broadcasts on the Giro d'Italia and the Tour de France. 

He has written numerous cycling books.



Thursday, 05 September 2019 15:32

IOC - Report activities

As every year, Panathlon International has prepared and sent to the IOC its report on the activities.

It is part, as a recognized association, of the Olympic Family since 1982 which supports in the actions concordant with the purposes of the panathletic movement.  

In prossimità delle Feste Pasquali la Segreteria Generale resterà non operativa da venerdì 10 a martedì 14 aprile.


Nous vous informons que pour les Fêtes de Pâques le Secrétariat Général ne sera pas opérationnel  du vendredi 10 au mardi 14 avril 


We would like ot inform you that, for the Easter holidays, the General Secretariat will not be operational from Friday 10th until Tuesday 14th  April  


Thursday, 09 April 2020 12:41

International Board Communication

The International Board of Panathlon International, which met by video conference on 3 April 2020, expresses to all Panathletes of the 30 nations in which it is present and to their families, its closeness and solidarity at this time so devastating for society and for the sporting world. A special thought goes to the Italian Panathletes who first had to fight the gruelling battle of the pandemic from the Covid-19 and are still committed to eradicating this invisible and insidious enemy.

The IB has learned of the generosity that many Panathlon Clubs have shown by raising funds for hospitals and for the purchase of vital sanitary materials. To these Clubs it expresses its satisfaction and thanks. These actions prove, once again, how much Panathlon is at the service of the community.

Finally, it wishes the best fortunes for all, inviting all Panathletes to keep in touch and stay close even if they are so far away. The IB is convinced that the positive values of sport, team spirit, tenacity and endurance will help Panathlon to overcome this moment to start again with renewed awareness and enthusiasm.

Ludis Iungit!


Tuesday, 07 April 2020 10:55

FairPlay Call For Youth Art Contest

The International Fair Play Committee is calling children and youth around the World to encourage them to participate in a virtual children's drawings exhibition. 

„Due to the pandemic, doctors recommend staying at home is the most effective protection to prevent further spread of the Coronavirus. This affects not only adults but also children. Many schools are closed, kids are locked into their homes, where the entertainment options are limited. To facilitate the useful time and to make parents' tasks a little easier International Fair Play Committee announces a drawing exhibition for children. We are waiting for artworks from the very young kids to the juniors that express prevention, attention to each other, play, and generally Fair Play. Thank you for sharing the attached Call on your website or social media channels! Take Care of Yourself!” – Dr. Jenő Kamuti, President of the International Fair Play Committee. 

The call is available on www.fairplayinternational.org and our Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn channels.


Réunion institutionnelle

La réunion du Conseil International aura lieu aujourd’hui 3 avril de 14h30 (heure italienne) à 17h30 par télématique.


Appuntamento istituzionale 

La riunione del Consiglio Internazionale si terrà oggi 3 aprile dalle ore 14.30 (ora italiana) alle 17.30 in via telematica.


Institutional meeting 

The meeting of the International Board will be held today 3 April from 2.30pm (Italian time) to 5.30pm by telematics.


On January 10, 2020, the EPOSM project (“Evidence-based Prevention Of Sporting-related Match-fixing”) has been launched with a kick-off meeting at Ghent University. The EPOSM project will run for two years (2020-2021) and is co-funded by the European Commission in the context of the Erasmus+ collaborative partnerships in sport program.

Panathlon International Literary Contest – A great success!

The Judging Panel selected the two winners by age group of the 1st Panathlon International Literary Contest.

The winners are Marta Buscaglia from Liceo Casorati, Novara, for “Un tuffo al cuore”, and Angelo Petrellese from Istituto Roncalli, Poggibonsi (SI), for “Poesia”.

The two winners will be offered a week-end in Lausanne during the Youth Olympic Games, when the official award ceremony (11/01/2020) mwill take place.

Moreover, all the participants included in the final ranking, which is attached hereto, will receive medals and merit certificates at ad hoc ceremonies organized by the local Clubs.

A complete report and the winning works will be published in our Magazine.  

We wish to thank the Judging Panel for their competence, patience and dedication, as well as the Panathlon Clubs and everyone who has worked very hard to promote the Contest and to identify high-profile works expressing outstanding quality and values.

And... heartfelt congratulations to the Winners!

Panathlon International is committed to the health of our seas

On Tuesday 11th December 2019, President Pierre Zappelli together with Once Ocean's Executive Vice-President and legal representative, Dr. Riccardo Bonadeo signed a Collaboration Agreement in which Panathlon commits not only to sign but to collaborate for the dissemination of the "Charta Smeralda": an ethical code that aims to raise awareness of public opinion and all operators to address the most pressing problems of the oceans and marine and coastal ecosystems and which aims to define practical and  immediate  policy areas focused on problem solving.

The "Charta Smeralda" concerns those persons who live the sea for sport and passion, the lovers of the sea and the structures promoting and supporting activity.

Panathlon International, which is an international movement with the aim of affirming the sporting ideal and its ethical and cultural values as an instrument of formation and elevation of the person, solidarity and peace between men and peoples, could not remain indifferent to this initiative.

Thus was born the idea, promoted by the Club of Mestre and the Governor of the Venetian Area, to sign an agreement to collaborate to protect our Seas and Oceans, mothers and cradles of our Planet and our life and of those sports activities carried out within them.  

A truly important initiative focused on raising awareness of the current situation and of the risks that our marine and coastal ecosystem runs, an environment on which our survival depends. Rapallo, seat of Panathlon International, but also many other cities and harbour around the world, have already had the demonstration of the violence and enormous damages that ecosystem imbalances can cause.

And we're just getting started. 




Venerdì 29 novembre, presso l’Hotel Savoia Excelsior Palace di Trieste alle ore 9.00  hanno avuto inizio i lavori del Comitato di Presidenza

Work in progress


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