Paul Standaert, International Board Member,  represented Panathlon International at the EWOS Opening Ceremony and Presidency Sport Conference on Safeguarding Children in Sport. 

P.I. EU was represented at the EWOS Opening Ceremony and Presidency Sport Conference on Safeguarding Children in Sport. 

The Opening ceremony took place at the Leppaävaara Sports Park in the presence of the EC Commissioner for Yought & Sport Mr. Navracsics.

At the seminar in the afternoon their was the time to discuss about the role of sport organizations and role of education. 

The main topic for the conference the next day was 'Safeguarding Children in Sport'.

Finnish Minister of Sport Hanna Kosonen welcomed the participants and pointed out the importance of national and international collaboration on the issues.

Commissioner Mr. Navracsics insisted on the actions to start sporting as young as possible as a ‘good habit’ wich will most likely become acquainted when started at younger age. 

With all the long-life benefits to be expected with these habits. 

MR Navracsics was proud of the success of EWOS at this 5thanniversary and hopes that the next EC Comm Mss Maria Gabriel will further develop the initiative and the resolutions of the Tatu convention.

Also combatting sport manipulation and promoting good governance is a big topic. Already 51 projects in EC and 17mil Eu invested in studies and projects (Erasmus+) 

Experts from EUA, FIFA IOC, ENGSO, University of Loraine, University of Jyväkylä and more,  presented their views and discussed about a large specturm of issues, surveys and projects concerning safegurding children and how to create a safe environment for Sport.


from the left: Tine Vertommen, PhD Thomas Moore University, Susan Greinig IOC Medical & Scientific Department and Paul Standaert IBM Panathlon International


Paul & Marisa Fernandez Esteban, deputy head of sport at Directorate- General for Education, Youth, Sport and Culture


Wednesday, 25 September 2019 11:49

European Week of Sport. The GO!

- Responding to the call of Panathlon Gent, the GO! Gent Group of schools started the week of 23/9 with a sport activity and participated as such at the European week of sport.

13 primary schools and more than 4000 pupils enjoyed to start their new week of school with a funny and sporty moment.

Panathlon IB member Paul Standaert was interviewd by the local news to describe how this initiative fits in the Partnership of P.I. in the partnership with EWOS.


The GO! Schools organized the sports promotion in collaboration with Panathlon Gent vzw, a network platform for sports ambassadors. “We argue for the importance of equality in sport. It is important that all children have equal opportunities to exercise.

This joint moment at all schools fits in with that philosophy, "says Paul Standaert, board member of Panathlon Ghent and chairman of the Board of Directors of Scholengroep Gent.


about the european week of sport

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Messina - Parolimparty edizione 2019

Riprendono le attività del Panathlon Club Messina con la partecipazione, come Ente promotore, all'edizione 2019 del Parolimparty, mega convention di sport da spiaggia aperta a tutti, che nasce con l'intenzione di promuovere e diffondere la pratica sportiva tra le persone con disabilità, come strumento di integrazione e inclusione sociale e che si terrà presso il Lido Open Sea AISM di Milazzo, dal 6 al 8 Settembre.

La Manifestazione, organizzata dalla Mediterranea Eventi ASD, è stata inserita per opera del Panathlon Int. nella lista degli eventi della Settimana Europea dello Sport riconosciuti dall'Ufficio per lo Sport della Presidenza del Consiglio dei Ministri

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IB member Paul Standaert represented Panathlon International at the seminar in Sintra, organized by the directory general Sport of the European Commission in collaboration with the Portuguese Institute for Sport and Yought.

The Ewos platform has become an interesting networking moment to exchange good practices and to discuss about the role of sport in education, social welfare, integration and also the values of sport within an economic region large as the European Continent.

Panathlon’s partnership with EWOS has evolved into a relationship with the representatives of DG Sport and with representatives of the participating national coordination bodies as Bulgaria, France, Sweden, Germany, Italy, Portugal, Finland, Ukraine, Lithuania, Serbia, Greece, Malta and more.

Panathlon was proud to report about the initiatives taken in2018 by our clubs (especially in Italy) which reflected the passion and commitment of our members to ethics and sport for all.

Mr. Vitor Pataco, president of the Portuguese Institute of Sport and Yought and Mr. Jorge Vilela de Carvalho, Director of Sports department, welcomed the participants at the event in Sintra.

Mr. Matteo Zacchetti, EC directory general Sport, introduced the seminar and underlined the importance of the fifth edition of the European week and the success of it as it has become a major event in 29 countries already.

Finland’s city of Espoo will be host for the opening ceremony of the 5th EWOS in September 2019. 

At the event, IB member, Standaert met other partners as then European Lotteries and European Federation of Company Sports (EFCS) and evaluated possible collaboration in the future.

As these European events become regular the opportunities to promote our Panathlon values are become more and more interesting and important as it should in the future strengthen our role and place within the role of sport and its values, but also be a fertile ground to expand our movement Europe. 

L’inserimento della terza edizione del torneo di basket giovanile Carlo Parpaglione 2018 nel calendario della settimana europea dello sport ha dato un significato altamente morale all’iniziativa e ha trovato una risposta altrettanto motivata da parte delle atlete e del pubblico.


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