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Il Panathlon, partner della Commissione Europea, presente al Seminario a Sintra, Portogallo




IB member Paul Standaert represented Panathlon International at the seminar in Sintra, organized by the directory general Sport of the European Commission in collaboration with the Portuguese Institute for Sport and Yought.

The Ewos platform has become an interesting networking moment to exchange good practices and to discuss about the role of sport in education, social welfare, integration and also the values of sport within an economic region large as the European Continent.

Panathlon’s partnership with EWOS has evolved into a relationship with the representatives of DG Sport and with representatives of the participating national coordination bodies as Bulgaria, France, Sweden, Germany, Italy, Portugal, Finland, Ukraine, Lithuania, Serbia, Greece, Malta and more.

Panathlon was proud to report about the initiatives taken in2018 by our clubs (especially in Italy) which reflected the passion and commitment of our members to ethics and sport for all.

Mr. Vitor Pataco, president of the Portuguese Institute of Sport and Yought and Mr. Jorge Vilela de Carvalho, Director of Sports department, welcomed the participants at the event in Sintra.

Mr. Matteo Zacchetti, EC directory general Sport, introduced the seminar and underlined the importance of the fifth edition of the European week and the success of it as it has become a major event in 29 countries already.

Finland’s city of Espoo will be host for the opening ceremony of the 5th EWOS in September 2019. 

At the event, IB member, Standaert met other partners as then European Lotteries and European Federation of Company Sports (EFCS) and evaluated possible collaboration in the future.

As these European events become regular the opportunities to promote our Panathlon values are become more and more interesting and important as it should in the future strengthen our role and place within the role of sport and its values, but also be a fertile ground to expand our movement Europe. 

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