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Opening Panathlon EU Brussels June 20 - 2019

Opening Panathlon EU Brussels June 20 - 2019


On June 20thPanathlon International had the honor to welcome Mr. Yves Le Lostecque, Head of Unit SPORT DG EAC, at the opening of the Panathlon EU Brussels club. 

International President Pierre Zappelli spoke about the important challenge for Panathlon International in supporting the aim of EU in sport and education. 

Panathlon’s cradle stood for obvious reason in Italy. As an international Movement for the promotion and dissemination of culture and sport ethics according to the IOC official recognition it is more than logical that Panathlon assumes its responsibility in facilitating the ethical aim of sport in the EU. 

Therefor it is promising that the representation of Panathlon in Brussels generates a new club for International members. As an attractive platform for EU citizens the club will facilitate the exchange of good practices and the development of new project to achieve our common ethical goals.  

Mr. Arjan van ‘t Veer president of the new club welcomed the audience and focused on the important role of sport in society where quality leisure time has become a priority. 

Vice President of Panathlon EU Brussels Mr. Vlaemminck gave a short overview of the club’s program.

In the next month’s Panathlon EU Brussels will focus on three themes:

- the possible exploitation of young athletes: the risk associated with the migration of young football players from Africa  

- inclusiveness: age shouldn't be a barrier to playing competitive sports

- the excessive commercialization of Sport 

As partner of EWOS the new club will also focus on a program that participates at this European Sport Event.