Charter on the Rights of the Child in Sport


All children have the right

  1. to practise sports
  2. to enjoy themselves and to play
  3. to live in a healthy environment
  4. to be treated with dignity
  5. to be trained and coached by competent people
  6. to take part in training that is adapted to their age, individual rhythm and competence
  7. to match themselves against children of the same level in a suitable competition
  8. to practise sport in safe conditions
  9. to rest
  10. to have the opportunity to become a champion, or not to be a champion


Point 5 of the Declaration of Panathlon on ethics in youth sport

Gand, 24 September  2004

Copyright  Charter: Service des loisirs de la Jeunesse (D.I.P.) - Genève

Copyright  Declaration: Panathlon Intenational


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