Fair Play Charter

Whatever is my role in sport, including that of a spectator, I undertake the following:

  1. To turn every sports meeting, irrespective of whatever is at stake and its importance, into a privileged moment, a happy event.
  2. To conform to the rules and the spirit of the sport I practice.
  3. To respect my opponents as I respect myself.
  4. To accept the decisions of referees or sports judges well aware that, just like me, they have the right to make mistakes, but that they do their utmost to avoid them.
  5. To avoid malice and aggressiveness in my actions, words and writings.
  6. To avoid using tricks or cheating to be successful.
  7. To maintain dignity both in case of victory and defeat.
  8. To help everyone with my presence, experience and understanding.
  9. To assist any sportsman who is injured or whose life is in danger.
  10. To be a real sports ambassador, making sure that the above principles are applied in my environment.

With this commitment I consider myself a real sportsman/sportswoman.


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