Charter of Duties of Parents in Sport 


1. It is up to my children to choose their favourite sports entirely on their own, without being conditioned in any way by me. 
2. It is my duty to check that the sports they practice are functional to their upbringing and to their psychophysical development, harmonising the time they devote to sports with their school commitments and with a serene family life. 
3. With the exception of training activities, I will avoid any strenuous competitive sports activities for my children until they reach the age of 14, favouring fun and recreational sports.
4. I will follow them unobtrusively, with their consent, if this is necessary in order to help them enjoy a balanced relationship with their sports.
5. I will not ask my children’s coaches for anything that is not useful for their growth and not commensurate with their merits and their potential.
6. I will tell my children that that, in order to be good sportsmen and women and feel happy in life, it is not necessary to become champions.  
7. I will remind them that defeats, too, help them grow because they serve the purpose of making them become wiser.
8. I will point out to them the values of Panathlon as an ethical footing for facing up to proper experience in sports.
9. When they come home, I will not ask them whether they have won or lost but rather whether they feel rewarded. I will not ask how many goals they scored or how many were scored against them, or how many records they have beaten, but whether they enjoyed themselves.
10. I want to see my reflection in their eyes every day and find the smile of my own youth.