Panathlete Charter


The honour of being a Panathlete pledges me:

  1. to honour the motto "Ludis Iungit” and to promote the panathletic ideal;
  2. to observe the rules of the Club to which I belong;
  3. to do my best as a volunteer to help my Club achieve its goals;
  4. to develop and cultivate friendship with all Panathletes,and to help new members settle in rapidly to the life of our Clubs;
  5. to operate so that sport may be enjoyed and experienced by all men and all peoples as a cultural achievement;
  6. to act always and everywhere to assert sports ethics based on fair play;
  7. to do everything possible so that young people in my town, in my region, in my country may receive a healthy sports education;
  8. to show how sports should be practised;
  9. to be an enthusiastic spectator and at the same time an exemplary sportsman in watching a sporting event;
  10. to be a true ambassador of sport - intended as an emancipating instrument for men and to oppose whatever may spoil it. 


I shall enhance my commitment by regularly attending the meetings and events organised by my Club and by other Clubs belonging to Panathlon International.

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