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European Week of Sport. The GO!

- Responding to the call of Panathlon Gent, the GO! Gent Group of schools started the week of 23/9 with a sport activity and participated as such at the European week of sport.

13 primary schools and more than 4000 pupils enjoyed to start their new week of school with a funny and sporty moment.

Panathlon IB member Paul Standaert was interviewd by the local news to describe how this initiative fits in the Partnership of P.I. in the partnership with EWOS. 

The GO! Schools organized the sports promotion in collaboration with Panathlon Gent vzw, a network platform for sports ambassadors. “We argue for the importance of equality in sport. It is important that all children have equal opportunities to exercise.

This joint moment at all schools fits in with that philosophy, "says Paul Standaert, board member of Panathlon Ghent and chairman of the Board of Directors of Scholengroep Gent.


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