The International Committee Fair Play established as the deadline the 15 February 2024, to stand as a candidate for World Awards 2023.

Clubs are invited to send their nominations to the Secretariat not later than 31 January 2024


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The International Committee Fair Play established as the deadline the 15 February 2023, to stand as a candidate for World Awards 2022.

Clubs are invited to send their nominations to the Secretariat not later than 31 January 2023



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Wednesday, 07 December 2022 13:45

World Fair Play Awards 2021


Great satisfaction in the Panathlon world for the awards given by the International Fair Play Committee (CIFP) to the nominations sent by Panathlon International:


  • Trophy  "Jean Borotra CareerMauro Borghi (Panathlon International Club Ferrara - Area 05)

  • Trophy  "Jacques Rogge - Youth" Giovanni Lava (Panathlon International Club Venezia - Area 01)

  • Diploma "Jacques Rogge - Youth" Granamica ASD (Panathlon International Club Bologna - Area 05)  



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Today 7 September 2022 is World Fair Play Day, let's celebrate it together!

For this third edition, a video clip has been created to spread a simple message, pronounced in languages from all continents (French, English, Dutch, German, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, Greek, Albanian, sign language, Hindi, Tamil, Mandarin, Swahili, Urdu, Turkish and Arabic): Fair Play is every day!

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And the following conditions must be respected:

• The clip can only be used on September 7th 2022

• The clip can only be distributed amongst the following institutions : International Fair Play Committee / Panathlon International / European Fair Play Movement

• the clip can only be used for editorial purposes;

• no use of any Olympic marks or designations for any purpose;

• no use of any Olympic archive footage for any advertising, promotion;

• no Olympic association or any third party, products or services; 

• the footage/stills can only be used in conformity with Olympic values and the Olympic Charter

Thursday, 23 June 2022 09:15

CIFP World Fair Play Awards

The CIFP World Fair Play Award Ceremony was held in Budapest on 12 June 2022 to honour the winners for the years 2019 and 2020, which the pandemic had prevented from being celebrated. 

Among the award winners, many were those nominated by Panathlon Clubs through Panathlon International.

We would therefore like to congratulate the winners and the Clubs, Areas and Districts that worked to present them to CIFP and obtain the deserved awards.

The winners for the year 2021 have not yet been decided. 



PC Como: Giovanni Borgonovo - Trophy Jaques Rogge Youth 

PC Ferrara: Eugenio Dondi - Diploma Jaques Rogge Youth 

PC Modena: Catia Pedrini - Diploma Jean Borotra "Carreer" 



Area 05: Maxime Mbandà – Trophy Willi Daume "Promotion" 

PC Lisbon: David Livramento Diploma Pierre de Coubertin “Act”

PC Buenos Aires: Luisiane Varclo / Uruguayan wheelchair tennis player - Diploma Pierre de Courbertin «Act»

PC Bononia: Francesco Franceschetti - Diploma Willi Daume “Promotion”

PC Ferrara: Mario Testi - Diploma Willie Daume “Promotion”  

PC Mestre: Stefano Bizzozi - Diploma Willi Daume “Promotion”  

PC Ferrara: Gianfranco Vitali - Diploma Jean Borotra “Carreer”

PC Varese: Alfredo and Lella Ambrosetti - Diploma Jean Borotra “Carreer”

PC Roma: Alessandro Palazzotti - Diploma Jean Borotra “Carreer”

District Uruguay: Felix Sienra Castellanos - Diploma Jean Borrotra “Carreer”


3 December 2021, Budapest - The Council of the International Fair Play Committee has re-elected Jenő Kamuti as President of the organization, marking the sixth term of the Olympic silver medalist fencer and Hungary’s National Athlete.

Originally scheduled to hold the elective Congress, General Assembly and Award Ceremony in Budapest on the first weekend of December, but due to the epidemic situation the Executive Committee called an online Council meeting for 3 December. ‘The vote of confidence was unanimous in favor of Dr. Jenő Kamuti’ – commented Gábor Deregán, Head of the Presidential Office. Furthermore he also added that President Jenő Kamuti introduced new Council Member, Leonz Eder, acting President of FISU and reported on the events of the past period, followed by the Secretary General’s and Treasurer's reports. Council members were pleased to note that the Committee had closed with a positive balance sheet in all respects, for which they thanked the IOC and the sponsors. It was also decided that the cancelled Congress would be held in Budapest from 24-26 March next year.

‘I am very pleased that the Council has once again voted in my favor. It is an honest recognition of the work we done so far. It was also an important feedback that the Council voted confidence to the Secretary General, Sunil Sabharwal, to the Treasurer, Bert Van De Flier and to the two Vice-Presidents, Maurizio Monego and Nickolai Dolgopolov. As our Statutes are old, our most important task will be to modernize and renewed them. A preparatory committee, with the Vice-Presidents and Dr. Zsigmond Nagy, Council member, will start the work and we can adopt the new Statutes at the General Assembly next March. I also proposed to change our organization's name to World Fair Play Federation, that was supported by the Council. - said Mr. Kamuti, whose sporting career was recognized in 1976 with a World Fair Play Award, at which ceremony he was asked to become a member of the Council of International Fair Play Committee. In 2000, 24 years later, he was elected President of the International Fair Play Committee and now he is starting his 6th period as a leader.

International Fair Play Committee - Dr. Jenő Kamuti was re-elected as President of CIFP (

Wednesday, 01 September 2021 10:59

World Fair Play Awards 2020

World Fair Play Awards 2020

With great satisfaction, the Panathlon Family welcomes the distinctions awarded by the International Fair Play Committee (CIFP) to the nominees submitted by Panathlon International:

•    “Jean Borotra Career ” Diploma

Alessandro Palazzotti (Roma, Area 14) - Alfredo Ambrosetti and Lella Ambrosetti (Varese, Area 02) -  Félix Sienra Castellanos (District Uruguay) - Gianfranco Vitali (Ferrara, Area 05)

•     “Pierre de Coubertin ACT” Diploma

David Livramento (Lisbon) -  Uruguayan wheelchair tennis team composed of coach Roberto Ichazo, and athletes Luciano Varela and Oscar Gonzàlez. (Buenos Aires)

•     “Willi Daume - Promotion” Trophy

Maxime Mbandà (Area 05)

•     “Willi Daume - Promotion” Diploma

Francesco Franceschetti (Bononia, Area 05) - Testi Family (Ferrara, Area 05) - Stefano Bizzozi (Mestre, Area 01)

•   “Jacques Rogge - Youth” – Letter of Congratulations

Maria Laura Pederzini (Ferrara, Area 05)




Panathlon’s contribution to the World Fair Play Awards 

There was a lot of Panathlon during the day of the World Fair Play Awards delivery in the Council Chamber of Pest's Town Hall. The Hungarian capital welcomed the guests of the International Fair Play Committee (CIFP) with a programme full of significant moments. 

Morning dedicated to a conference in the auditorium of the University of Physical Education promoted by the European Fair Play Movement (EFPM) which wanted to celebrate its 25 years of life. Among the most significant interventions, that of Zsigmond Nagy who illustrated the perspectives arising from the relations between Fair Play, Ethics and Sports Legislation.

The award ceremony – see the full list below – featured many of the names reported by Panathlon International as a member of CIFP. 

Fabio Caramel received Pierre de Coubertin Trophy for Gesture from the hands of President Jeno Kamuti. The proposal had come from the Panathlon Club Venice. 

David Smetanine winner of the Trophy for the Career was absent because he was involved in Paralympic competitions. Marie Claire Nepi secretary of the Club of Grenoble withdrew the award for him. The French club has made also the name of Geo Perli, who has received the Diploma of Honour for his Career in the spirit of fair play. 

Roberto Camelia, proposed by Area 9 – Sicily, has received the Diploma of Honour for Career. He was accompanied by Sicilian panathletes from Syracuse who have widely celebrated him.

Federico Bollati and Rodolfo Carrera, both candidates from the Club of Pavia, received the Diploma of Honour for Gesture from the hands of CIFP Vice-President Maurizio Monego.

Massimo Righi proposed by the Club of Bononia and CEO of the League of Volleyball Serie A has received the Diploma of Honour for “Promotion”.

Panathlon's satisfaction was reflected in the blue eyes of Simona Callo, Secretary General of P.I. representing President Pierre Zappelli. It was a beautiful celebration and the parade of so many champions who, with their values testify sport’s humanity, gratified the feelings that every good sportsman cultivates.







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