Area 08 - Grand Gala of sailing in Reggio Calabria

A great success for the Grand Gala of sailing in Reggio Calabria - event sponsored by Panathlon Club Reggio Calabria


Great success for the third edition of the Grand Gala of sailing held at the palace of the Province of Reggio Calabria, with the support of CONI, the Regional Council, Panathlon Club Reggio Calabria and Panathlon International Area 8. The event opened with the screening of a thrilling movie about the 32nd Mediterranean Cup, the maxi - regatta that took place once again along the Calabrian coast, enabling crews in the race to rediscover the natural beauties that are often forgotten. In his introductory speech, FIV National Board Member Fabio Colella reiterated the conviction that sailing is not only a discipline full of charm, but can also be a promotional vehicle for increasing tourist-cultural flows, mobilizing resources and allowing for a change of the weak economy of southern Italy.

Gran Gala focused its attention not only on the sporting world, but also on those organizations that fight each day to safeguard ethical, civil and cultural values. In addition, values fully supported by Panathlon. Awards were attributed to personalities who have distinguished themselves in the history of sport, boating, institutions, art, culture and social integration activities.



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