The OBE was awarded to Anne Tiivas, member of the Scientific and Cultural Commission of P.I., as part of the Queen’s Birthday Honours for services to safeguarding children and young people.

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P.C. Reggio Calabria -  Oreste Granillo’s  versatility and the National Day of Sport

Two initiatives of great thickness have seen in the past weeks the Panathlon Club of Reggio Calabria alongside the Sports Institutions. The first week was dedicated to the ceremony with which  CONI wanted to remember Oreste Granillo important manager and leading figure of the south on the twentieth anniversary of his death. The second week was dedicated to the national day of sport, with about a thousand youth who, for a whole Sunday, crowded the waterfront of the town.



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A day in the spirit of sport and family values, applauses, music, vintage movies, prizes, interviews, autographs, memories, and, above all, many useful reflections.

It has been  a great presentation for the " Charter of Parental duties in sport” on the initiative of Panathlon Club Reggio Calabria.

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Monday, 13 March 2017 08:50

PCU University Games

EU Sport Forum

The PCU Games ensure a free sports and events program for universities and university colleges worldwide, including a free Panathlon International membership. The main objective is to offer students a platform where sport is considered as a valuable instrument to develop international interaction and experience, with emphasis on Fair Play and Universal Friendship.

The 18th PCU Games are organized from 26 to 28 April 2017 in Antwerp (Flanders, Belgium). Men’s Futsal, Volleyball, Basketball and women’s Basketball and Volleyball are programmed. Registration is simple as explained on this website and the registration deadline is 1 March 2017.


Not only the competition winners are awarded but also the winner of the overall Fair Play ranking. The Enrico Prandi Trophy is a prestigious award, unique in the world of university sport and the highest merit a university can achieve in relation to ethics in university sport. Different from almost all other university sports events, the main objective of the PCU Games is to offer students, universities and university colleges a worldwide platform where sport is considered as a valuable instrument to develop international interaction and experience, with emphasis on Fair Play and Universal Friendship. Enrico Prandi, born on May 21, 1945 (Italy), is the Past President of Panathlon International, former member of the International Olympic Committee Cultural Commission and former President of the Italian Basketball League. He initiated in 2010 the idea to create a university platform within Panathlon International to promote ethics in sport also within the worldwide university community.


To guarantee a free program, the hosting rights of the PCU Games are granted to one single university community for a term of more years. The host is consequently ensured of the necessary return by means of publicity on a long term and is able to downsize logistic and financial requirements. The Antwerp University Association is our first partner within this new format. The Antwerp University Association is a structural cooperation of four higher education institutions in metropolitan Antwerp with about 40.000 students.


Sport, Fair Play and international interaction are considered within the Antwerp University Association as highly important for the educational development of students. Also the universal Panathlon values and the recognition of the association by the International Olympic Committee are considered as complementary with the mission of the Antwerp University Association. As a result the Antwerp University Association agreed to host the PCU Games for the next years.

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Friday, 10 March 2017 10:37

EU Sport Forum

EU Sport Forum

Il Panathlon International sarà presente giovedi 9 marzo a Malta in occasione dell'EU Sport Forum.  Rappresenterà il P.I. il Presidente del Distretto Belgio Thierry Zintz, Membro della Commissione Scientifico Culturale del Panathlon International.

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