The final event of the Erasmus Sport Against Match Fixing (SAMF) project, in which Panathlon International was Partner, was held in Lisbon on 23 and 24 April at the Cidade do Futebol (headquarters of FPF, coordinator of the project).

The International President Pierre Zappelli, the Secretary General Simona Callo and the Secretary of the Expansion Commission Fabio Figueiras were present.

This final conference was very well organized by the Consortium Partner and Coordinator, Portuguese Football Federation (FPF) and can be seen at the following link. 

SAMF is an EU-funded Erasmus+ project that has as its main objective the prevention and education of young athletes about the risks that match fixing activities can bring to their career.

Panathlon International, among the various tasks for the realisation of the activities, has participated in the final research, in the Focus Group discussions, in the elaboration of the toolkit, in the dissemination of the project also through its Ambassadors and clubs in Europe and Americas. It was an important opportunity to meet several personalities from the world of sport, not only from Europe.







Thursday, 28 March 2024 13:14

IOC Webinair - Good Governance 

As part of the implementation of Recommendation 14 of the Olympic Agenda 2020+5, the IOC Executive Board approved the updated version of the Basic Universal Principles of Good Governance in the Olympic Movement (BUPG). These principles are an implementing provision of the IOC Code of Ethics.

In this context, and with a view to strengthening the Olympic Movement through good governance, in 2024 the IOC is organising webinars focusing on various topics to which Panathlon International has been invited to participate

The meetings, which will take place quarterly, will deal with different thematic areas. In the first session on 20th March the Secretary General Simona Callo and the Administrative Secretary Rossi Monica participated and the theme was "Transparency and control mechanisms". The session provided some useful tools and practices that we can use to strengthen transparency and control mechanisms within our organisation.

The objective of these webinars is to explain and define the steps to be taken to achieve basic levels of good governance in sports organisations.

These meetings allow participants to exchange good practices, share their common challenges and benefit from the support provided by the IOC's Ethics and Compliance team through practical examples developed by the International Partnership Against Corruption in Sport (IPACS).

Next webinar planned for 19 June!!!



Thursday, 07 September 2023 10:50

Institutional Meetings - Panathlon International

The on-line Meetings of the Working Group for the Ethics Commission and of the President's Committee were held on 28th and 29th of August.

The Ethics Commission Working Group, appointed by the International Board and composed of: Pierre Zappelli International President, Giorgio Costa President of District Italy, Peter Wütrich President of District Switzerland and Liechtenstein, Mavi Tizón Member of Panathlon Club Lima and Simona Callo Secretary General, met for the second time in on-line meeting to discuss about one of the requirements provided by the IOC also for the Recognised Associations like PI, to have an Ethics Commission and to adopt a Code of Ethics in order to fall within the parameters of good Governance. 

The participants at the meeting then discussed the role, composition, and purpose of this new Commission to be established by the International Board. 

At the end of the meeting, the participants then undertook to produce a document summarising what had emerged, to be presented to the International Board, also highlighting the next steps to be taken in order to arrive at the adoption of a Code of Ethics for PI by the supreme body of our Movement, namely the General Assembly which, we recall, will meet in Agrigento on 14-15 June 2024.  

The following day, the meeting of the PI President's Committee was held, on-line again. 

Among the various items on the agenda, the participants dwelt on the commitments that have involved the Presidency and the General Secretariat since the last meeting on 6 June. 

They focused on the activities related to the Erasmus project "Sport Against Match Fixing", which will see three PI ambassadors/panathletes, together with the project coordinators (Fabio Figueiras and Patrick Van Camphenout), take part in the next meeting scheduled to take place in Vilnius, Lithuania, at the end of September.

From this last meeting, before the final event in May 2024, the materials (brochures, comics, videos, etc.) and the results of the project will be finalised.

Other points under discussion, alongside the usual financial audits, were:  the constitution of the Argentine District, the realisation of a recognition for Godfather Clubs and for Members with panathletic seniority, the organisation of the next institutional meetings to be held on the occasion of the Pan-American Congress of Guayquil in Equador, the fulfilments related to the organisation of the General Assembly and the Congress of Agrigento, the arrangements for the presence of PI at the next Paris 2024 Olympic Games, the verification of Statutes received from Clubs, requests for patronage, the contacts made with new Nations and International Federations and other topics to be followed up and developed, as well as the participation in upcoming international and Club events by the President or his delegates.

Please note that all IB and PC resolutions will be sent to District Presidents and Governors, and visible to Clubs in the reserved section of our institutional website following their translation into French and English.




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