A new piece in the cross-border puzzle of Gorizia and Nova Gorica. But also of that of the Panathlon Clubs of Italy, Austria, Slovenia (and hopefully soon also Croatia), gathered in the Alpe Adria Sport project in its start-up phase.

This is the meaning of the official birth of Panathlon Club Primorska Slovenjia, which took place on 14th October in Nova Gorica.



The Commission for Culture, Science and Education (CCSE), has elaborated the final Resolution of the Round Table held in Rome on 15th September, on the theme "The effects of conflicts and politics in sport" and approved by the International Board.


14 ottobre 2022 - Continuano i lavori del Panathlon International presso il “Centre Culturel Prince Jaques” di Beausoleil.

Si riunisce oggi il Consiglio Internazionale, prende parte alla riunione, in remoto, il Tesoriere del P.I. Stefano Giulieri.

Sono Presenti in sala il Presidente del Distretto Italia Giorgio Costa, il Presidente del Distretto Francia Bruno Catelin, il Presidente del Distretto Perù Luis Moreno,  la Presidente del Distretto Messico Socorro Samaniego, Il Presidente Distretto Belgio Paul Standaert, il Presidente del Distretto Cile Eduardo Gurovich, e il Presidente del Distretto Brasile Pedro Roberto Pereira de Souza.

Sono collegati online per prendere parte alla riunione i Presidenti del Distretto Argentina Jorge Minuto, il Presidente del Distretto Svizzera con associato il Club di Fürstentum Liechtenstein Peter Wüthrich, il Presidente del Distretto Uruguay Carlos de León ed il Presidente del Distretto Ecuador Danilo Carrera Drouet.

Uditori: Fabio Figueras (Lisbona) e Maurice Gafan (Togo)

Il Sindaco della città di Beausoleil Gérard Spinelli è intervenuto ai lavori del Panathlon International portando il suo saluto e augurando a tutti un proficuo e fruttuoso lavoro.



13 ottobre 2022 - Riunione della Commissione Espansione del P.I. presso il “Centre Culturel Prince Jaques” di Beausoleil.

Il Presidente Internazionale Pierre Zappelli ha aperto la riunione ed il Presidente della Commissione Espansione Patrick Van Campenhout ha accolto i presenti con un discorso di benvenuto.


On 29 September 2022 took place the on-line monthly meeting with the partners of the Erasmus Project on Match-Fixing in which Panathlon International (SAMF - "Sport Against Match-Fixing") participates.

The aim of the project is to raise awareness on key issues related to the prevention of match-fixing, on the consequences and risks of this unethical and unfair phenomenon, especially considering the negative impact it can have on the career of amateur athletes.

During the videoconference the organisational aspects for the next in-person meeting to be held in Malta next November were finalised

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The meetings of the International Board, the District Presidents' Committee and the Expansion Commission will be held in Beausoleil (F) on Thursday 13 and Friday 14 October.

The Agenda will examine:

- PI Project
- Development Plan 2022-2025
- Ethics Commission
- Communication and PI Relations/District
- Relations
- Training
- International Events: Pan American Congress
- Reports of the District Presidents
- Discussion
- Drafting of the final document for the IB.

Great satisfaction on 15 and 16 September 2022 for the outcome, at the Acqua Acetosa Olympic Preparation Centre in Rome, for the two most important events organised by Panathlon International this year.

The Round Table entitled "Effects of conflicts and politics in Sport" has dealt with a very topical issue on which the speakers and the International President Pierre Zappelli, introduced by CCSE President Eugenio Guglielmino and moderated by Piermarco Zen-Ruffinen, have brought their contribution with very interesting reflections that have aroused the curiosity and questions of those present. 

A report on the contents will follow.

Flambeau d'Or in memory of Antonio Spallino, presented by the hands of International President Pierre Zappelli to IOC President and former Olympic fencing champion Thomas Bach. The ceremony was attended by the highest panathletic, sporting and military authorities together with President Giovanni Malagò, who brought greetings from CONI, and CIFP President Jeno Kamuti, who recalled the figure of Antonio Spallino.

The IOC President Thomas Bach after having congratulated and thanked Panathlon International and Pierre Zappelli for his great leadership and for the vision close to the values of the IOC, welcomed the recognition with emotion: "Thank you from the bottom of my heart for having obtained this prestigious award, my gratitude and my appreciation are for all of you of Panathlon International. With this award you honour not only me but you honour the entire Olympic movement and the Olympic values that Panathlon defends and promotes with intensity. Sport teaches us to strive for excellence but also to live together in peace and friendship, sport can become the engine of good in the world'. 

As a corollary to the events, the Mayor of Rome kindly offered all participants a visit to the Capitoline Museums: the oldest public museum in the world. 

A great success for these Roman days, which were a source of pride for all panathletes.


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