During the days from 22nd to 24th March were held in Rapallo, at the IP Headquarters of Villa Queirolo, several institutional meetings and events: 

- the meeting of the CSEC (Commission for Science, Education and Culture of PI), chaired by the IB Member Eugenio Guglielmino and composed by Antonio Carlos Bramante (BR) and Piermarco Zen Ruffinen (CH). The International Board approved the theme of the next 2024 Congress (Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in Sports for Women). They have also analysed the possibilities of developing existing collaboration agreements,

- the meeting of the International Board, which discussed, during the two days of work, many topics on the agenda:

• the approval of the budget (with the news that it will be sent to all clubs);

• the adaptation of the PI Rules (with some adjustments due to the revision);

• the new “Athlete Ambassadors” project;

• the participation of PI in two new Erasmus projects (Sport4Compliance and Sport Against Doping) that have been submitted to the EU Commission. 

They also talked about: young people, Junior Clubs, the recognition to the Members with a Panathletic Seniority and the Clubs/Areas/Districts promoting the birth of new clubs, the "Third Sector", the Pan-American Congress in Guayaquil (ECU), the activity of the Expansion Commission, other issues that led to deliberations posted on our Website and that will be forwarded to the District Presidents and Governors, as usual.

The Board met in a hybrid system, the Board of Admin. of the "PI- D. Chiesa Foundation": an institutionalised meeting now in its third year. During the meeting the IB of Panathlon International reaffirmed the function of the Foundation as "operational arm" of P.I. They discussed the topics concerning: Communication, Training, Domenico Chiesa Award, Projects in implementation phase. 

They have proposed cultural initiatives projected to the development of the activities in perspective of 2026, year of the Winter Olympic Games Milan-Cortina and of the recurrence of the 75th anniversary of foundation of the panathletic movement started by the constitution of Panathlon Club Venice in 1951.

Alongside these institutional meetings, two other important events marked these days

- the live signature, between the President of PI Pierre Zappelli and the President of ISCA Mogens Kirkeby, of a Collaboration Agreement for a partnership between the two Movements: both Presidents expressed themselves for a commitment not only formal but to set up and realise common initiatives and projects;

 - the "launch" of the project that sees Panathlon International and One Ocean Foundation as protagonists. Through the underwriting of the Charta Smeralda more than ten Maritime Authorities, based between Sestri Levante and Genoa, have received from Panathlon International an Ethical Plaque for the commitment to share and spread the principles of the protection of the seas and oceans, with reference to the ethical values of the practice of sport in water (see news). Now all the Panathlon Clubs of the world, close to the sea, lakes and rivers, will be called to realise this new initiative.






Friday 24th March 2023, at the seat of Panathlon International - Villa Queirolo Rapallo, the President of Panathlon International Pierre Zappelli and the President of One Ocean Foundation Riccardo Bonadei, were together to spread the principles of the safeguard of seas and oceans. An Ethical Plaque was awarded to the sailing clubs present:

Lega Navale Italiana, Lega Navale Chiavari – Lavagna, Lega Navale Rapallo, Lega Navale Santa Margherita Ligure, Club Vela Sori, Circolo Velico Vernazzolesi, Circolo Velico Santa Margherita Ligure, Circolo Nautico Rapallo, Yacht Club Italiano (Genova), Yacht Club Chiavari, Comitato Società Veliche del Tigullio. The Nautical Circles have signed the Charta Smeralda.

A project that will involve Panathlon Clubs all over the world.



Joint meeting of the International Council and the Board of the PI Domenico Chiesa Foundation.
For the third time, the two associations meet to establish new common goals and projects.

23 Marzo 2023

Presso la Sede del PI a Villa Queirolo hanno avuto inizio i lavori del Consiglio Internazionale.
The International Board started it's works at PI headquarters in Villa Queirolo.


Panathlon International organizes along with the One Ocean Foundation and, in collaboration with the Panathlon Club of Rapallo for the day Friday 24th March at 6.00 p.m. at its headquarters in Villa Queirolo in Rapallo, an event that will see as protagonists many nautical Institutions of Riviera di Levante (Sailing and Nautical Clubs, Naval League, Yachting Clubs etc) that will underwrite the Charta Smeralda, an ethical code to share principles and actions to protect oceans and waters.

The project stems from the collaboration agreement signed between Panathlon International - an international movement for the promotion of culture and ethics in sport - and the One Ocean Foundation whose mission is to accelerate solutions to ocean problems by inspiring international leaders, companies, institutions and individuals by promoting a sustainable blue economy and improving knowledge of the oceans through ocean literacy.

Panathlon International will also give an Ethical Charter to the subscribers of the Charta Smeralda, to certify and testify that the signatory knows, accepts and shares both the Charta Smeralda Project and the founding principles of Panathlon International. The commitment will also be to collaborate for the diffusion, promotion and sharing of the Code of Ethics with other institutions and organisations of various nature, public private, national and international and also to commit themselves for the realisation of concrete actions.

The event will be attended by the President of One Ocean, Riccardo Bonadeo, the International Board Members of Panathlon International, coming from all over the world, the President of the PI Italy District, the Governor of the Area Liguria, the Ligurian Panathlon Clubs, the President of the regional CONI and sports managers as well as One Ocean Foundation’s friends. 

The event is also sponsored by the City of Rapallo, given the commitment always promoted by the Administration in raising awareness for the protection of the Territory and the Regional CONI always sensitive to these issues.

Once again Rapallo and the "House" of Panathlon International will be at the centre of an important occasion to spread the principles of the safeguard of the seas and oceans, with reference to the ethical values of the sport practice in water.


Does sport desert the 'deserts' of values ?
The Club of Lucca, through a letter from its President, relaunches and deepens a recently topical issue, following the World Cup held in Qatar.
It was appropriate to assign the organisation of a world sporting event to a nation that has been criticised many times:

1. For its failure to observe universally shared human and social values? 

2. For the indifference with which the many fatal accidents that occurred during the work on the pharaonic sports facilities were ignored?

3. For the flaunting of the power of money as an absolute value in settling technical disputes and political and federal negotiations?

4. Is it now right, after this affair, to proceed with the assignment of the organisation of the 2030 World Cup to Saudi Arabia, another reality where many civil rights are trampled upon, without any consideration for ethical and moral aspects?

5. How do you assess such choices and orientations of FIFA aimed only at the availability of financial resources?

6. OR should sport overlook these moral considerations and safeguard only technical and structural guarantees?

7. FINALLY: Should Panathlon International express itself on these considerations in an official form?

Send us your opinions and in the next issue of our magazine we will publish the outcome of the discussion and the recommended orientation for Panathlon International.
Send your (short) paper to:
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  

View PDF

The presentation of the book "Joy and Pain in Sport" by Professor Yves Vanden Auwelee will take place on Tuesday 28 March, from 11 am to 1.30 pm at the Fondation Universitaire de Bruxelles. The President of the PI Club EU Brussels, Philippe Vlaemminck, will welcome the participants and Partrick Van Campenhout, member of the International Board representing PI, will introduce the author. This presentation will be followed by a debate with five experts from the sports sector:

Moderator: Walter de Beauvesier Watson, Managing Partner ISICS Group, Lottery- and Sportsintegrity Consultancy.


- Van Houdt, Head of the Sport Unit, European Commission;
- Marjan Olfers, Professor of Sports Law, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam;
- Severin Moritzer, CEO Play Fair Code, Vienna;
- Jacques Blondin, Head of Regulatory Enforcement, FIFA;
- Ruben Neyens, Elite Sports Manager of the Flemish Gymnastics Federation.

You can attend the meeting (40 places available) and it will be broadcast live (the link to the live streaming will be sent by email one hour before the book launch). Registration is required.

Click here to register





From 22 to 24 March 2023, at the headquarters of Panathlon International, Villa Queirolo in Rapallo (GE) will be held important events:
the meeting of the Commission for Culture, Science and Education will define the theme and modalities of the next International Congress to be held in Agrigento (I) at the same time as the General Assembly of PI from 10 to 11 June 2024the International Board will discuss the 2022 budget, the adaptation of the Regulations after the statutory changes approved in 2022 in Lausanne, the constitution of the Ethics Commission. We are also planning to meet with the PI-D. Chiesa Foundation to review existing projects and plan new activities.
We will also sign a collaboration agreement with the ISCA - International Sport and Culture Association and we will launch the project with One-Ocean Foundation.

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) has announced details of the Olympic Esports Series 2023, a global virtual and simulated sports competition created by the IOC and in collaboration with International Federations (IFs) and game publishers.





The President’s Committee of PI met in Milan on 17 February 2023. There were several issues to discuss: Panathlon University Clubs and the agreement with the University of Antwerp; the draft budget to be approved by the International Board to be held in Rapallo on 23 and 24 March; the participation of three Panathlon women, sponsored by PI, in the "Women in Para Sport 2023" Course, representing Italy, Europe and South America; the Ski Championships in Bormio ; the renewal of the contract with Mastro7; the recognition to Members and Sponsor Clubs, for which a proposal will be presented to the International Board; the possibility of participating in other Erasmus projects; the situation of the Districts after the entry into force of the statutory changes; the news of the opening of new Panathlon Clubs in Caudium (Area 11 -Campania), in Carinthia (A) and in Buenos Aires (RA). The meeting will resume on Friday February 24, with zoom, to complete the discussion of the subjects which, due to lack of time, could not be treated.

Clubs will soon be able to consult the adopted resolutions on our website.


Panathlon International

Fondazione D.Chiesa