In the framework of the dissemination of the Erasmus project on Match Fixing, the Panathlon International Ambassadors started to organise the Multiplier sport events (MSE) foreseen in the announcement with the aim of disseminating information and material among the youngsters.


The first meeting was organised by our Ambassador Gwenda Stevens (B) who shared her experience with us. On 14 October, she held a meeting with 34 young athletes (13-14 years old), during which she explained the Match-Fixing phenomenon. She also provided the young athletes with some real-life examples that happened recently in rowing. Gwenda also shared SAMF videos with the coaches and they agreed to show one of them to the young athletes. While watching the video, the youngsters paid close attention, after which they started a discussion on the topic of Match-Fixing.

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FICTS Awards Ceremony 

The award ceremony of the Competition "SPORT, MOUNTAIN & OLYMPISM - SNOW & ICE SPORTS" organised by Panathlon International Foundation "Domenico Chiesa" in collaboration with FICTS, the Fédération Internationale Cinéma Télévision Sportifs was held on Saturday 11th November within the event SPORT MOVIES & TV 2023 - 40TH Milano International FICTS Fest.

The International President Pierre Zappelli and the Secretary of the Foundation PI-D. Chiesa Maurizio Monego, together with IB Member Giorgio Chinellato and past IB Member Renata Soliani, attended the event and proclaimed the winners:

1ST PRIZE (€3,000): LA MIA STORIA SUL GHIACCIO, by Giulia Guerra (Italy) - "Maria Ausiliatrice" School of San Donato Milanese.

2ND PRIZE (2,000 €): VERTIGO by Vidal Bruno (Swiss)

3RD PRIZE (1000€): EGOLAND by Ignasi López Fàbregas (Spain)

Panathlon Clubs Special Prize: VERTIGO by Vidal Bruno (Swiss)

Special Audience Award: UN GOL PER ARRIVARE IN FINALE by Samuele Bove (Italy)

Istituto Suor Maria Mazzarello - Cinisello Balsamo (MI)

Honorary Diploma to: TWINKLING EYES ON THE ICE by Shen Nan and Niu Mengtong (China)

Honorary Diploma to: AFRICA 2022 - MOUNT KILIMANGIARO by Paolo Bianchetti (Italy)

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International Board 21st November

The next online meeting of the International Board will be held on 21st November to deepen and deliberate on some issues already discussed in Guayaquil. The topics discussed will be as follows: "Membership Awards, Panathlon International Hymn and Sports Categories".

Colombian judoka Erika Lasso was chosen as the recipient of the Fair Play Award 2023

Colombian judoka Erika Lasso was chosen by the press accredited to the Santiago 2023 Pan American Games for her greatest gesture of Fair Play after assisting Dominican Estefanía Soriano after the match won by the Colombian athlete.

Erika Lasso's action occurred on Saturday, October 28 on the tatami at the Contact Ñuñoa Sports Center where both were fighting in the -48 kilogram category. During the match, an injury to the Dominican athlete's right knee left her lying on the field without receiving immediate assistance.


With the fight over, seeing her rival's critical state, Lasso took the Dominican on his shoulders and took her off the tatami on a walker to receive medical attention.


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International Visual Art Competition

The films taking part in the Competition "SPORT, MOUNTAIN & OLYMPISM - SNOW & ICE SPORTS" organised by the Panathlon International Foundation "Domenico Chiesa" in collaboration with FICTS, the Fédération Internationale Cinéma Télévision Sportifs, are now online.


The accredited Panathlon Clubs are called to express through their Referents their ranking of the most deserving videos of the prizes, that will be delivered in Milan on November 12th during the award ceremony of the Festival that celebrates its 40th edition.

Award ceremony programme

Chessboxing World Championships 

The 5th edition of the Chessboxing World Championships , an event sponsored by Panathlon International, will be held in Riccione from 28 October to 2 November.


The opening ceremony will take place in the late morning of 29 October at the Pala Turismo in Riccione and will see the participation of our international Vice-President Orietta Maggi.

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Panathlon International stand at the Pan-American Games 

Panathlon International Club of Santiago de Chile is present with a stand at the Pan American Games that are taking place in Chile from 20 October to 5 November. The club’s members have actively worked to promote and disseminate, through this important presence, the Olympic and Panathletic values. Many prominent personalities visited the stand, starting with the Chilean Minister of Sport and numerous panathletes.



A perpetual calendar for a Fair Play world 

Created on the occasion of World Fair Play Day, this new original tool provides 365 practical examples reminding us that Fair-Play is a fundamental value in our daily lives that needs to be integrated in the field of sport, school or, more generally, citizenship.
This calendar shows that each of us has a role to play in changing the rules, whether as a sportsman, a coach, a referee, a supporter, a volunteer, a manager, a teacher, a physical education professor, a school official, a parent, a public official or an institution. Each day of the calendar features a practical example accompanied by an illustration or a scannable QR/link code which provides further information.

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3rd Transnational Project Meeting of Sport Against Match-Fixing Consortium in Vilnius, Lithuania

Panathlon International is one of the Partners of the Consortium that is working on the Erasmus+ Project, Sport Against Match-Fixing (SAMF) which is a funded by the EU.

As part of the Project Agreement, the Partners gathered in Vilnius (Lithuania) from 28th of September to 30th of September for the third transnational project meeting (TPM).

On the 28th of September the Partners were welcomed by the Lithuania Football Federation (LFF), who organized the session, the hotel, as well as the meeting auditorium. After a warm welcome by the LFF, Sport Evolution Alliance (SEA) presented the SAMF Project to all of the present participants in the room. Apart from the Consortium Partners, the Ambassadors nominated by all Partners also travelled and participated to this meeting.

One of the key objectives of this meeting was to form and educate the Ambassadors, as they were chosen by the respective Partners. These Ambassadors will have to perform three Multiplier Sport Events (with minimum of 30 Athletes and duration of 1 hour). In total, Panathlon International had to nominate three Ambassadors and all of them will, with the help of Panathlon International, have to perform three events. Panathlon International’s Ambassadors are: Barbara Rossi (Panathlon Club Pesaro, Italy), Gwenda Stevens (Panathlon EU Brussels, Belgium) and Reinhard Seigner (Panathlon Club Graz, Austria).

After SEA’s presentation, all Ambassadors were asked to present themselves and explain their relation to sports, which was followed by a presentation of all of the deliverables that have been concluded so far, especially:

1) Comic Book -

2) Toolkit -

3) Poster -

4) Videos -

5) Adapted Comic Books and Posters for Basketball – (link not available yet)

6) SAMF Game – (unfortunately, the Game is not yet available and couldn’t therefore be shown)

During these presentations, different questions were presented by the Ambassadors and which led to interesting debates and discussions by all of the participants.

After the presentation of all of the deliverables that have been produced, a Kahoot Game was done, which was oriented to the Match-Fixing topic and also to the previous points that were represented and all Participants took part in the Kahoot Game, which resulted in a very relaxing and funny moment for all of the participants.

The 28th of September was concluded with a tour guide through the old town of Vilnius, which was followed by a Dinner, organized by the LFF.

On the 29th of September, the Partners gathered in the early morning to proceed with the Sustainability activity, which is already an integral part of these meeting: planting trees to reduce the carbon footprint that all Partners leave by having to travel by plane. This activity is always a great opportunity for all of the Partners to come together and collectively contribute to the enhancement of their ecological footprint.

After this activity, the Partners met back at the Auditorium to discuss the Final Conference in Lisbon, which is scheduled to occur in April 2024. During this presentation it was stressed out by the Portuguese Football Federation (Coordinating Partner of the Consortium) that this Final Conference will be attended by international renown Stakeholders (e.g. UEFA, Political Authorities, etc.) and therefore requested all the Partners to suggest renown international Stakeholders, that are related to this topic and that can contribute to the elevation and dissemination of this Project.

Representing Panathlon International, Patrick Van Campenhout and Fábio Figueiras also participated in this meetings and actively contributed to the different discussions that were held during the day. It is important to mention, that Simona Callo, Monica Rossi, Patrick Van Campenhout and Fábio Figueiras have been actively working on SAMF by contributing to the different deliverables that have been agreed in the Project Agreement (amongst others, Toolkit elaboration, Focus Group organisation and conduction, different translations of Comic Book, Toolkits, Poster and other materials) and by also participating in the monthly online meetings of the Consortium.

Fábio Figueiras

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From left to right: Gwenda Stevens (PC Belgium & PI Ambassador), Reinhard Seigner (PC Austria & PI Ambassador), Barbara Rossi (PC Italy & PI Ambassador), Fábio Figueiras (PI), Patrick Van Campenhout (PI), Juliane Robra (PC Switzerland & SEA Ambassador)


Panamerican Congress - Guayaquil Ecuador 5th October  2023

The 15th Pan-American Congress entitled 'El deporte es más que ganar o perder' began on Thursday, 5 October at the 'Oro Verde' hotel, in the presence of more than 100 delegates.

It was an excellent opportunity to strengthen the excellent relations of collaboration between the members of the Panathletic movement of Europe and America, but also to deepen current topics of the world of sport and to agree on further actions to guide the growth of Panathlon International.

The Congress program included a series of talks by experts in the field, covering a wide range of topics related to Olympism and the Panathletic movement. 

The Panathletic Congress in Guayaquil was a successful event, with the participation of numerous foreign and local representatives, including President Zappelli and International Board members.

The organisers arranged a series of social, cultural and artistic activities, as well as tourist visits, to make the participants' experience even richer.

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Panathlon International

Fondazione D.Chiesa