It is with deep sadness and dismay that we learn that International Board Member Eugenio Guglielmino, candidate for the International Presidency, passed away suddenly yesterday. 

An illness struck him while he was carrying out his voluntary work with the Red Cross.

A member of the Club of Catania since 2004, he served as President of the Club from 2008 to 2011, as Governor of the Area Sicily from 2016 to 2019 and as President of the Commission for Culture, Science and Education - CCSE.

The International President, the International Board, the General Secretary and the whole panathletic family extend their heartfelt condolences to Maria Rita, her family and the Club of Catania for the grief that has deeply affected them.

We will remember Eugenio with affection, for his intelligence, mediation skills, honest and active activity in favour of Panathlon International and of the most needy. 

A great loss and a great void for our Movement.

The funeral will take place tomorrow 30th January, at 3.30 p.m. in Catania, at the Church Santa Maria della Guardia.




“This is your moment”: IOC President Bach invites young athletes to enjoy their YOG experience at Gangwon 2024 

With an unforgettable Opening Ceremony featuring an array of K-pop stars and cultural performers, the Winter Youth Olympic Games (YOG) Gangwon 2024 got underway in style today. The event was hosted simultaneously at the sold-out Gangneung Oval, with 4,500 spectators, plus athletes and other YOG stakeholders, and the fully booked PyeongChang Dome, with 4,300 people.

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Fondazione Culturale Panathlon International – Domenico Chiesa and Fondazione per lo Sport del Comune di Reggio Emilia, in cooperation with Fondazione Palazzo Magnani, are organising a photo competition inspired by FOTOGRAFIA EUROPEA’s 2024 concept “Nature Loves to Hide”, with sub-heading “The Nature of Sport - Sport in Nature”. 

The contest will culminate in an exhibition in the framework of the “Off Circuit” of the 19th Fotografia Europea Festival organised by Fondazione Palazzo Magnani, which will take place in Reggio Emilia (Italy) from 26 April to 9 June 2022


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On a rainy and cold morning, we called together the youth of KRSG to give some more information on Match Fixing and Safeguarding. These are two topics that are very important to the youngsters who attended, all between the ages of 12 and 14. A lot of young athletes were sick so there were about 23 of us.

The coaches were also present and parents were also invited but that only gave a meagre turnout, which was a pity. We gave them some examples from rowing where match fixing can also be done at a lower level. They were very attentive and asked quite a few questions, which is of course a good thing. They also liked the videos and watching the comic strip on their mobile phones via the QR code.

We then gave them the posters and they hung them up themselves in the club. Again, it was a successful session with a lot of interaction, because that is important, keeping interaction with the children and letting them tell stories and ask questions themselves.


Reinhard Seigner, one of Panathlon International’s Ambassadors for the Sport Against Match Fixing’s Erasmus+ Project, held his second SAMF workshop in Austria.

This Session was held for the Styrian Basketball Academy on 11.1.2024 in Graz. 30 young athletes (male and female) aged 14 to 17 were sensitized for the first time with Match Fixing.

Some players are members of Under 16 and Under 19 National Teams of Basketball Austria. Two coaches also took part at the event.

Using SAMF materials, e.g. comics and other interactive methods, the young athletes were able to get to grips with the topic.

The event was a great success.

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P.I. President's Committee

The PI President's Committee was held on 7 December, during which the President and General Secretariat gave an update on their activities and the Treasurer on the financial situation.

Scheduled for next February a meeting between many Sports Federations based at the Maison du Sport and our Representation in Lausanne with the aim of presenting the activities and projects of Panathlon International. Various personalities and sports testimonials are expected to participate. It was also discussed about the new Clubs opened or about to be opened, for which we will give due communication as soon as the constitution process is finished. Other topics discussed were the PI Hymn, for which we are first checking those already existing and deposited at the Secretariat, the scheduling of a meeting with the IDF (International Dart Federation) to verify the possibility of proceeding to establish a partnership, the organisation of the next District Presidents' Committee, which will be held both online and in presence format (as requested in the document produced in Guayaquil), the organisation of the Assembly and Congress in Agrigento for which we have already received news of a video greeting from IOC President Thomas Bach, relations with IOCs and the need to constantly update them on our activities and projects, and finally an update on the candidatures for the Communication Award. In the evening, the President and Treasurer had the traditional dinner with the Secretariat staff, which is always very pleasant.



Workshop SAMF  in Austria

The first SAMF workshop in Austria was held for the Styrian Volleyball Academy in Graz. 28 young athletes (male and female) aged 15 to 16 were sensitized for the first time with Match Fixing. Two coaches also took part in the event. Using comics, Kahut and interactive methods, the young  athletes were able to get to grips with the topic. The event was a great success.



Mention of Panathlon International in IOC newsletter and publication of FICTS winning films

On the last IOC news bulletin was published the news of the award ceremony of the International Video Competition "Sport, Montain & Olympism- Snow & Ice Sports" promoted by Panathlon International - PI D. Chiesa Foundation and FICTS.

The Ceremony took place in Milan on the occasion of the FICTS Sport Movies & TV Festival, last 11th November. Below you can see the winning films:




Special Prize of Panathlon Clubs: VERTIGO

Special Prize of the audience: UN GOL PER ARRIVARE IN FINALE link

Diploma of Honor to: TWINKLING EYES ON THE ICE link

Diploma of Honor to: AFRICA 2022 – MOUNT KILIMANGIARO link

SAMF Multiplier Event in Italy

The activity in schools aimed at sensitizing young people on issues related to sport has always been one of the most important mission of Panathlon International. 

For this reason the Panathlon Club of Pesaro together with Dr. Barbara Rossi, on the morning of Tuesday, November 28th at the Istituto Agrario "A. Cecchi" in Pesaro, held the formative meeting of the SAMF Project with 60 students of 15 years.

As Pedagogist, Sports Director and Past President, she talked about the Samf Project and opened an educational dialogue on the phenomenon of match fixing, its causes and consequences.

The fight against corruption was highlighted as one of the central themes of sport, the promotion of integrity and positive values in sport is one of the main challenges.

Here below some photos of the meeting 




PCU Student Chess Cup 2023: Celebrating Fair Play and Chess Excellence with a Multitude of Participants in Antwerp 

PCU Student Chess Cup 2023 started with AP Blitz Tournament on Friday, November 24. 

- Global Participation 

The PCU Chess Cup has garnered an impressive participation with 113 accredited players, representing 31 universities spanning across 15 countries (Belgium, Czech Republic, Finland, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Moldova, Morocco, Spain, Switzerland, The Netherlands, Turkey, UK). 

In a testament to their passion for the game, a substantial majority of participants in the PCU Chess Cup actively chose to engage in the AP Blitz tournament, despite its optional status and not being a mandatory component of the official competition 

A total of 89 students, representing 25 universities spanning across 12 countries, showcased their prowess in 9 intense rounds of Blitz chess on Friday, November 24. 

Following the Official Opening Ceremony on Saturday, November 25, the main competition started in the Swiss System unfolding on 56 tables. 

In total, on 25-26 November 2023, in 9 rounds of the PCU Chess Cup, 495 games were played by 113 chess players. 

- Champions Emerge: High-Level Play Rewarded 

Celebrating Chess Diversity the PCU Chess Cup, with its blend of FIDE and non-FIDE participants, celebrates the essence of chess – a game that transcends titles and embraces the beauty of diverse playing styles. 

The players, ascended to victory, demonstrated a amazingly high level of play, making the tournament a true showcase of chess excellence. The unpredictability of chess unfolded with unexpected results, injecting an extra layer of excitement into the tournament. Some players’ performance surpassed their federation ratings, indicating a level of play that exceeded the numerical assessments. 

Congratulations to the champions of AP Blitz Tournament: 

1st Place - Aras Vardanyan (Vilnius University, Lithuania)

2nd Place - Daniel Grimm (Eötvös Loránd University, Hungary) 

3rd Place - William Boudry (Artevelde University of Applied Sciences, Belgium) 

Congratulations to the PCU Student Chess Cup 2023 Champions: 

1st Place - Daniel Grimm (Eötvös Loránd University, Hungary)

2nd Place - Natan Pirard (KU Leuven, Belgium)                          

3rd Place - Aras Vardanyan (Vilnius University, Lithuania) 

It's commendable that Daniel Grimm's victory in the tournament is perceived as well-deserved, especially considering the strategic decision not to opt for a quick draw early on. This choice, coupled with strong play throughout, reflects a commitment to genuine competition. 

The Full Results and Final Ranking are available on the website: 

- Emphasis on Fair Play 

In a remarkable collaboration with the Royal Belgian Chess Federation, AP University of Applied Sciences and Arts played host to the PCU Student Chess Cup 2023. The tournament not only glorified chess brilliance but also laid a strong emphasis on fair play and universal friendship. 

In a celebration of sportsmanship and friendship, the University of Konstanz team, participating in the PCU Chess Cup 2023, has been awarded the prestigious Fair Play Award. This recognition is a testament to their outstanding fair play behavior, as acknowledged by the Referees, Organizing Committee and the event staff. 

The team's commitment to fair play went beyond the chessboard, resonating through their interactions with fellow teams. Referees and organizers noted positive attitude of the players, graciousness in victory and defeat, and adherence to the principles of fair play throughout the tournament. 

The Fair Play Award is not merely a recognition of victories on the chessboard but a testament to the dedication to the principles of integrity, respect, and equity. 

The commendable Fair Play behavior of players from two other teams, the University of Essex and the University of Munster, was also recognized and rewarded. 

Our gratitude and congratulations to the Fair Play champions of the PCU Chess Cup 2023! 

Here's to celebrating the chess community's commitment to honorable competition and congratulating all teams involved for embodying the true essence of sportsmanship at the PCU Chess Cup! 


Alina Baranova

General Manager Communication 

The Committee of Panathlon Clubs of Universities





Panathlon International

Fondazione D.Chiesa